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Are you ready to get strong and lean, become more insulin sensitive and feel great in your own body?

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My Name is Daria

I am a Type 1 Diabetic, with 15 years of experience. I grew up with diabetes and been through it all: burn out, diabetes rejection, an eating disorder, but fought it all. The smallest mind-set and management changes made all the difference. I believe that diabetes cannot stop me from anything in life.


I have always been super-active. From my childhood: climbing everywhere and anywhere I could possibly find, when growing up: a semi-professional contemporary dancer, runner, cyclist, and to now: strength training and enjoying moving my body in various ways.

Being active has helped me in so many ways throughout life, and has kept my body strong and my sugars healthy. I have experienced how many types of exercise affect my blood sugars, and figured out and implemented strategies to keep in a healthy range. It just takes a tiny bit of planning for great success.

I understand how types of exercise affect the body, how food works in us and how insulin works in various conditions. Diabetes is very personal, as is exercise. I love to study the body and the process of figuring out ways to optimise its functions for a healthy life.

T1D Online Coaching
T1Level Coaching To Control Program

  • Personalised online training program for your fitness goals

  • Reduced blood sugar fluctuations (Standard Deviation) and better A1Cs from personalised exercise plans

  • Lifestyle modifications to help blood glucose management 

  • Flexible programs to suit your lifestyle

  • Tailored nutrition advice to suit your fitness and diabetic goals

  • Ongoing personal support

  • An 8-week group program

  • Tone up and get stronger

  • Become more insulin sensitive through fitness and lifestyle modifications

  • Understand exercise blood sugar fluctuations ​better and how different types of exercise​ may affect you

  • Learn to make better nutrition decisions around exercise and activity

  • Learn the basics of meal prep for fitness and T1D goals 

  • Become part of a community of like-minded individuals: share and discuss your experiences


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